Technology – Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

The main aim of research and innovation at TowerJazz is to provide customers and partners with advanced technologies. Projects are directly linked with not only the Company’s business priorities, but with the technology roadmaps of its customers and their next generation products. TowerJazz focuses primarily on: mixed-signal and RF CMOS, power management, CMOS image sensors, SiGe BiCMOS, non-volatile memory (NVM) and MEMS capabilities. TowerJazz's innovation strategy is to invest in application-driven research with the potential of bringing products to market in three-to-five years and to differentiate TowerJazz in the specialty "More than Moore" foundry market. Projects are conducted according to the following three funding schemes:

Direct Projects with TowerJazz Customers and Partners
TowerJazz participates in joint research with Universities and companies in Israel, Europe, Korea, Japan, Singapore and the US on projects ranging from demonstrating novel circuit and application results using TowerJazz process technologies to advanced characterization of its technologies, such as radiation immunity or extreme temperature measurements. TowerJazz has signed joint research agreements with the Institute of Microelectronics (IME, Singapore) on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and it has entered the Tecnopolis del Sur R&D consortium in Argentina with an outlook to business development in South America. Another example of direct research cooperation is a TowerJazz-Crocus technology project on the development of unique magnetic tunnel junction devices; in particular non-volatile memory (NVM) integrated into the CMOS back-end.

International Consortia and Two-side Government Agreements
In the last few years TowerJazz has been awarded a number of prestigious international research grants in several fields of semiconductor electronics. These grants include a European Union FP7 grant on the development of radiation hard electronic components (SkyFlash project), Israel-Italy projects on specialized semiconductor memories (ATENA), CIS imagers (CISSA) and GaN devices (PEGASO). International research and technological agreements have a wide geographical reach that includes South America, North America, Europe and Asia. TowerJazz’s international cooperation is a powerful innovation tool that allows the Company to expand its global reach to promising and emerging markets. The efficiency of TowerJazz’s global cooperation is demonstrated in numerous joint publications in leading internationalxjournals.

Government Consortia and R&D Agreements
TowerJazz is part of several R&D consortia sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Trade in Israel and
the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US. Currently, TowerJazz participates in:

  • ALPHA - Advanced Low Power High-End Applications. ALPHA includes leading Israeli academia and industry institutions working in the field of low-power electronics. TowerJazz develops ultra-low power CMOS platforms, in particular novel RFID solutions with cost-efficient ultra-low power (C-Flash) and small cell size (Y-Flash) memories.
  • SES - Solar Energy Solutions. TowerJazz cooperates with Israeli companies and academia working on photoelectric solar cells. Within the consortium activities, TowerJazz patented and fabricated a new type of high-voltage solar cells integrated into CMOS.
  • BMP - Bio Medical Photonics. TowerJazz’s role is the development of backside illuminated CIS image sensors that enable the smallest endoscopy cameras in the world and are fabricated together with Medigus.
  • HyST - Hypersensitive Photonics Systems. TowerJazz develops CMOS imagers with Avalanche Photo-Diode (APD) pixels that are extremely sensitive both in visible and infrared (IR) light.
  • GRATE - Gratings of Regular Arrays and Trim Exposures. DARPA, TowerJazz, and the University of California, San Diego collaborated on the development of 500GHz SiGe HBTs (heterojunction bipolar transistors) to address emerging applications in imaging, radar, automotive collision avoidance, and very high data rate short-range wireless transmission.

The results of performed studies TowerJazz and its partners regularly published as research papers in the world’s most appreciated journals and presented at major international conferences. In addition, twice a year, TowerJazz issues a peer-reviewed internal Technical Journal, which reflects the latest developments and advances of TowerJazz engineers. TowerJazz has been granted numerous patents and has been published in copious technical publications reflecting the Company’s research directions and major innovative achievements.