About Us – Social Responsibility


Social code based on EICC code

Freely chosen employment — All work will be voluntary and workers will be free to leave according upon reasonable notice.

Child labor avoidance — Child labor is not to be used in any stage of manufacturing.

Working Hours — Work week should not be more than 60 hrs per week. Workers should be allowed at least 1 day off per seven days week.

Wages and benefits — Compensation paid to workers shall comply with all applicable wage lows, including those relating to minimum wages, over time hours and legally mandated benefits.

Human Treatment — no harsh & inhuman treatment, non discrimination. TowerJazz is committed to a workforce free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.

Freedom of Association — TowerJazz respects the right of workers to associate freely.

Health and Safety

Social code based on EICC code

Occupational safety Worker exposure to potential safety hazards controlled through proper design, engineering and administrative controls, preventative maintenance and safe work procedures.

Emergency Preparedness Emergency situations and events are identified and assessed, and their impact minimized by implementing emergency plans and response procedures.

Occupational Injury and Illness Occupational Injury and Illness procedures and systems are in place to manage, track and report occupational injury and illness.

Industrial Hygiene Worker exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents is identified, evaluated, and controlled.

Physically Demanding Work. Worker exposure to physically demanding tasks, is identified, evaluated and controlled. Machine Safeguarding. Physical guards, interlocks and barriers are provided and properly maintained for machinery used by workers.

Dormitory and Canteen Workers are provided with clean toilet facilities, access to potable water and sanitary food preparation and storage facilities.