Design Center Services

TowerJazz Design Center helps customers to accelerate the design-to-silicon process and enhances first-time silicon success. Chipmakers can augment their own design resources with the design capabilities that are specialized for our manufacturing technologies.  Our design services can assist in all or part of the design flow. Our in-depth knowledge of the fab and processes provide a substantial advantage when implementing state-of-the art designs that reach the boundaries of technology.  In addition, our IP and Engineering Services can augment your team's efforts with key IP blocks, providing the specific skills and expertise critical to successful implementation.
TowerJazz also operates an Authorized Design Center (TADC) program that has specialized design capabilities to create integrated circuit (IC) designs. The TADC program offers capabilities to design both complete ICs and embedded intellectual property (IP) blocks and, in addition, supports specific design stages in the chip development process.

We choose design partners for the program based on their ability to provide proven, high quality services and to create designs that comply with our design and verification rules. Candidates for our program must undergo a rigorous technical and financial screening process. We audit companies' technical support capabilities to ensure compatibility with our design and verification flows.
TowerJazz is an ideal choice for many design services:

  • Analog/mixed-signal design
  • Digital design, synthesis, static timing analysis and scan insertion
  • Physical implementation and verification
  • Full chip integration
  • Custom library characterization
  • Short-term design consultation
  • Foundry coordination
  • Intellectual Property (IP)