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Customer Support

Our online customer portal is available 24/7. With this portal, you can access File Exchange, which allows you to search, view and download technical documents and design libraries. You may subscribe to specific files or categories and receive automatic notification of document changes. Logged in, you can also securely transfer forms, design data and other files.

Other features within the customer portal include: Help Ticket, WIP Tracking, Quality and Technology Files. Help Ticket is a feature that allows you a common interface to enter requests, problems or questions for TowerJazz support. You will receive an email when the status of your specific request changes.

Our customer portal is Verisign certified. It uses SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High) and a RSA with 1024 bit exchange connection for all transactions.

For access to the TowerJazz Customer Portal, please submit a request for an NDA and Design Kit Agreement. Click here to initiate.